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Getting started... the first mile

4 Reasons Why The First Mile Is Always The Hardest

4 Reasons Why The First Mile Is Always The Hardest


I can’t be bothered to run. I don’t want to get up out of my warm, cosy bed into the cold dark morning. One missed run won’t hurt. I’ll run later instead.

I know that if I can push through that first mile warm up, then I usually fall into the rhythm, find a good pace and start to control my breathing. Once that first mile is over, I know I’ll enjoy the run.

Why is the first mile so hard?

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Push Up Form: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Push Up Form: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

by Todd Kuslikis on October 18, 2016
Are you doing push ups correctly?

Ah, the trusty push up. Whether you’re a fitness master or a moody middle school P.E. student, they’re a staple in the world of exercise. But for all their popularity, are you doing them correctly?

The problem here is, people get too hung up on the number of push ups they do without worrying about how good they actually are. If you haven’t been told this yet, let us be the first:

10 push ups done correctly is better than 100 the wrong way.

“Well,” you may be asking, “what exactly does ‘the right way’ look like?”

Great question!

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Fitness Motivation

How the Internet Can Keep Fitness Fun and Engaging

How the Internet Can Keep Fitness Fun and Engaging

While the internet can sometimes get a bad rap for being distracting and wasting time, we feel it actually has a lot to offer the world of fitness. To stick to your health-related plans, goals and interests, it's important you feel engaged and intrigued by the goals you’re working towards. Otherwise, you may suddenly find yourself out of shape.

Internet, Social Groups and FitnessThe internet provides us with a vast amount of information we can use to inspire us, teach us, motivate us and entertain us. Therefore, in this day and age, it's become a powerful tool to keep people engaged and active in their fitness plans.

Social Media Fitness Groups

Everyone is on social media these days, and there are fitness communities within the online social world that are booming. If you're into weight lifting, running, pole-fitness, yoga, sports or pretty much any other type of fitness, there will be groups of interested and motivated people conversing and sharing with one another.

These groups contain fun, engaging and entertaining posts that can help to keep the idea of getting fit fun and exciting. If you see people posting in social media groups with their results and journey, it will push you to continue with your own workouts and diets, helping you remain engaged and active in your fitness pursuit.

The best social platform for this type of information is Facebook. Facebook caters for all different types of posts in an easy to consume manner. Video, image and text-based posts are allowed, and it is the most used social media channel of all. Search through Facebook and try to find fitness groups related to your health goals and plans.

If you plan on uploading and posting in social media groups while on the go, be sure to use a secure connection, otherwise people may be able to get access to your information, which isn't something you want to worry about while contributing to your social community.

Entertainment with a Motive

Most areas of fitness and sports have iconic figures. In the digital age we live in, these figEntertainment with a Motiveures run their own social media or YouTube channels, which can be very fun to follow.

Their posts will contain valuable content, humor, mindset and motivational content, and anything else relevant to them. Following these figures provides us with focus, determination and fuel to use for our own fitness goals.

YouTube is another popular platform where you can watch fun and engaging videos within the fitness industry. Most channels try to keep things light yet valuable for their viewers, which means you're bound to be entertained. It's helpful to have this kind of influence and information in your life if you're trying to remain engaged with your health-related activities.

Overall, the internet provides us with a lot of information that can entertain us and make the world of fitness more fun and engaging. Through following social media groups, channels and celebrity-like figures, we can become more absorbed, and we are more likely to push ourselves to better levels of fitness.


Author Bio: Diamond is a health and tech blogger. She enjoys spreading awareness about how information influences us and motivates us to reach and achieve our health related goals.  Check out more of Diamond's articles at ehealthinformer.com, or follow her on Twitter at @ehealth_inform.






MARPAC Health and Wellness Expo

MARPAC Health & Wellness ExpoTheFityou.ca is participating in the MARPAC Health and Wellness Expo. The Expo is an Education and Information Open House for members of the Defence Team, their families and individuals interested in recreation, fitness, education and health and wellness opportunities. Representatives from various institutions and organizations in the Victoria area will be available onsite to answer questions, give presentations on programs, scholarships and options available to you, your partner and your children of high school age.


Lunch at Victoria Sushi


The New Year is well on its way.  Since most people are back to a regular schedule and routine we are resuming our daytime fitness Meetups. We know that getting out in the evening can sometimes be a bit of a challenge so we are scheduling a Meetup over the noon hour.

Come and join us on February 8th at noon at Victoria Sushi at Westside Village, 176 Wilson St.  Meet other fun fitness minded people, be an inspiration and encouraging to others or be the receiver of it.  We talk about a multitude of topics and fitness disciplines and just try to have a good time.  Look for the table topper with our logo. Hope to see you there. Any questions please feel free to send us a message.

Out of shape already?

Out of Shape Already?

Out of Shape Already?

Out of Shape Already?

It’s the runner’s biggest question and worst fear: how quickly can I get out of shape? After putting in hours of training and hundreds of miles, most athletes worry it will all go to waste if they stop. That’s only partially true.

Unfortunately, plenty of hard-earned fitness can go away within two weeks. Most studies suggest that an athlete’s VO2 max, the maximum oxygen he or she can uptake and utilize, plunges in the first month of inactivity, according to Dr. Edward Coyle, the director of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Texas at Austin. VO2 max continues to decrease, albeit at a slower rate, for the first three months after ceasing activity. In highly-trained athletes, VO2 max decreases by 7 percent in the 12 to 21 days after stopping training and another 9 percent during days 21 to 84. In athletes who have trained for a few months, and increased their VO2 max with exercise, those changes are completely reversed with several months of not training.

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Running and Yoga; Are they a match?

Many people find their way to get fit and stick with that one form of exercise.   As with any fitness regime it is good to combine a few avenues of fitness to maintain a balanced approach to your exercise routine. Running is good for the cardiovascular system and strengthening specific standing_pose_resizedmuscles but what about the rest of your muscles?  They need to be toned and maintained.  Core muscles are a prime example of an important set of muscles to workout.  Without a strong core you are more prone to poor posture and back injuries. Yoga can help with toning and strengthening core muscles and many other muscles sets.

When training for a race there comes a point where a runner starts a tapering routine. This is when you cut down on the amount of running you do to rebuild your bodies reserves. This allows you to run the race with your body fully rejuvenated with energy. When doing your tapering routine a good question for runners is ‘Can a Yoga Session Replace a Run?'

Check out this article from www.runnersworld.com aptly titled ‘Can a Yoga Session Replace a Run?' to find out what some of the research has found.



Swimming Your Way to Fitness

From the moment human beings find themselves immersed in water, several things become apparent: It takes a lot of

energy to stay afloat, the body needs to move in unfamiliar ways, using unfamiliar muscles, and motivation!? What's more immediate than sink or swim?

From the moment human beings find themselves immersed in water, several things become apparent: It takes a lot of energy to stay afloat, the body needs to move in unfamiliar ways, using unfamiliar muscles, and motivation!? What's more immediate than sink or swim?

Before we hit the water, if you still think swimming isn't for you, consider that it's non-impact in nature, meaning it's terrific for those who suffer from joint pain. Whether you have knee, back or ankle pain, swimming provides cardiovascular workouts without irritating injuries.

Different swimming strokes target different muscle groups, so for optimal benefits, vary your stroke selection. Bear in mind that your least-favorite stroke may do you the most good.

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Four Machines to Avoid at the Gym

The biggest problem with gym machines: They follow a fixed path and make no accommodations for different body types, mobility issues, and range-of-motion limitations. In fact, they can make these issues worse by destabilizing joints and loading muscles with unbalanced forces. What's more, machines won't engage opposing muscles — so, during a chest press, this would be your upper back — to balance the forces on your body, leading to additional stress on muscles and joints. We only have two situations when you should consider hitting machines: If you're new to strength training (in which case using machines for a few weeks will help familiarize your body with the movement patterns); or if you're an advanced weightlifter seeking isolated hypertrophy. For everyone else, avoid these four machines at the gym.

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How Fit Are You?


How Fit Are You?|LuxEco Living

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/luxeco-living/how-fit-are-you_b_8190708.htmlBy Nancy Gould Chuda, founder and editor-in-chief of LuxEcoLiving and co-founder of Healthy Child Healthy World.

The holidays are coming. You just spent a fortune on that special cream that is meant to reduce stretch marks, but did you ever consider that stretching in between your chores might be a better alternative?

I discovered a very exciting new community that I think will appeal to everyone. How Fit Are You?|LuxEco Living

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